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Posters created by artists of the Institute of American Indian Arts for the Decennial Census

"Listen to the Drum, Raise your voice, Name your tribe"

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"For our future, Alaska Natives--Be Counted. Answer the Census"

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"Let our voices be heard"

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"We are the children of Mother Earth"

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Map of American Indian, Eskimo,and Aleut Population

Thematic map showing distributions of American Indian, Eskimo, and Aleut persons in counties in 1990 as percentage range of total county populations, from less than One per cent to 60 per cent or more (1.17 MB JPEG image file)



Lists Block Maps of American Indian and Alaska Native Areas(AIANA) by name of the reservation or native area, availability, size of map set, and price per set

Empowerment Contracting Redevelopment Areas

Lists by state the Indian Areas designated by the Economic Development Administration for empowerment contracting priority.

American Indian Reservations and Trust Lands

Lists American Indian Reservation and Trust lands by name in alphabetical order giving 1990 population, land area in square miles, number of persons for whom poverty status is determined, and percent below poverty level

Census 2000 American Indian and Alaska Native Program

POPULATION REPORTS The American Indian, Eskimo, and Aleut Population 1995 Profile by Edna Paisano

We, the first Americans


1990 CP-3-7-1 1990 Census of Population, Characteristics of American Indians by Tribe and Language

Section 1 Tables 1-13 (785 pages)

Section 2 Tables 14-28 (804 pages)

Top 25 American Indian Tribes for the United States: 1980 and 1990 (4k)

Selected Social and Economic Characteristics for the 25 Largest American Indian Tribes: 1990 (37K)

American Indian Languages Spoken at Home by American Indian Persons 5 Years or Over in Households:1990 (5K)

Selected Housing Characteristics of Occupied Housing Units with an American Indian Householder, by Tribe of Householder for 25 Largest American Indian Tribes (29K)

Race of Wife by Race of Husband: 1960, 1970, 1980, 1991, 1992


- Plumbing - Structural Characteristics-1 - Equipment and Fuels



ETHNOGRAPHIC EXPLORATORY RESEARCH REPORTS - independent ethnographies of patterns of behavior and belief in defined U.S. socio-cultural communities which may affect census coverage.


by Nancy Bonvillain:

The census process at St. Regis Reservation.

Residence patterns at the St. Regis Reservation.

The social context of 1990 Decennial Census on St. Regis Mohawk Reservation.


by Susan Lobo:

Oakland's American Indian community: history, social organization, and factors that contribute to census undercount.


American Indians in the San Francisco Bay Area and the 1990 Census.


by Carol Lujan:

As simple as one, two, three: Census underenumeration among the American Indians and Alaska Natives.


ETHNOGRAPHIC EVALUATIONS OF THE 1990 DECENNIAL CENSUS - comparing independent enumerations of small areas with official census results and explaining coverage discrepancies


by Terry Anne Straus:

The Bicentennial Census in a mixed neighborhood in Chicago.



by John Moore:

Determine extent of census undercounting among certain rural Creek Indians of Oklahoma.



by Patricia Lerch:

Coverage differences in the census of a rural minority population in North Carolina: the Little Branch area of the Waccamaw Sioux Tribe.



by Ted Jojola:

Census ethnographic research project: Isleta Pueblo, New Mexico.



PUMS Codes for race and American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes used the the American Community Survey

PUMS Codes for languages used by the American Community Survey- See 800-982 for American Indian and Alaska Native languages.

Ancestry codes used in the 1990 Census


Census Facts for American Indian Heritage Month, November 1998

Census Facts for Native American Month, November 1997

Tribal Government ProgramDenver Region Government Partnership Specialists

Census Bureau replies to the Recommendations of the American Indian and Alaska Native Census Bureau Advisory Committee, 1995


Over 2000+ documents posted on the Internet at the site by the Census Bureau provide information about American Indians or Alaska Natives.


1. At the Census Bureau Home page, select the SEARCH Button. At the search utility, enter the name of a tribe, language, area, or location, or general term like American Indian, Alaska Native, Native American.

2. At the Census Bureau Home page, select the SUBJECTS A-Z. Scroll to "A" and select "Alaska Native population" or "American Indian population" At the American Indian and Alaska Native Populations html page, select "tables" or select a particular title, eg. "We the First Americans"

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