Roderick Sprague, Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae

Updated: 1998

I. General

Born: Albany, Oregon, 18 February 1933

II. Education

1955 Washington State University, Pullman; BA Anthropology
1956-1958 Military service; U. S. Army, Artillery, Spec. 5
1959 Washington State University, Pullman; MA Anthropology
Thesis: A Comparative Cultural Analysis of an Indian Burial Site in Southeast Washington
1967 University of Arizona, Tucson; PhD Anthropology
Dissertation: Aboriginal Burial Practices in the Plateau Region of North America

III. Professional Experience

1958-1959 Graduate Teaching Assistant, Washington State University, Pullman
1959-1960 Laboratory Assistant, Washington State University, Pullman
1960-1962 Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Arizona, Tucson
1962-1963 Graduate Museum Assistant, University of Arizona, Tucson
1963-1964 Graduate Teaching Associate, University of Arizona, Tucson
1965-1967 Staff Archaeologist, Washington State University, Pullman
1967-1969 Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Idaho, Moscow
1969-1972 Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Idaho, Moscow
1972-1997 Professor of Anthropology, University of Idaho, Moscow
1968-1981 Head, Department of Sociology/Anthropology, University of Idaho, Moscow
1976 Post-Doctoral Fellow, Smithsonian Institution, Washington
1986-1987 Foreign Expert, Inner Mongolia Univ., Huhhot, People's Republic of China
1968-1997 Director, Laboratory of Anthropology, University of Idaho, Moscow
1997 Professor of Anthropology Emeritus and Director Emeritus,
Laboratory of Anthropology, University of Idaho, Moscow

IV. Professional Societies (partial)

IV. Honoraries and Awards

VI. Major Publications

1960 Archaeology of the Sun Lakes Area of Central Washington. Washington State University, Laboratory of Anthropology, Report of Investigations, No. 6. Pullman.
1963 Inventory of Prehistoric Southwestern Copper Bells; with Aldo Signori. Kiva, 28(4):1-20. Additions 1964.
1965 Disposal of the Dead at Point of Pines, Arizona; with William J. Robinson. American Antiquity, 30(4):442-453.
1967 A Preliminary Bibliography of Washington Archaeology. Northwest Anthropological Research Notes, 1(1). Reprinted in a another series.
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1968 A Suggested Typology and Nomenclature for Burial Analysis. American Antiquity, 33(4):479-485.
1969 Excavations at the Roma Site, Prince Edward Island, 1968. University of Idaho Anthropological Research Manuscripts Series, No. 1. Moscow.
1970 Miscellaneous Columbia Plateau Burials; with Walter H. Birkby. Tebiwa, 13(1):1-32.
1971 Burial Pattern Relationships Between the Columbia and Canadian Plateaus. Aboriginal Man and Environments on the Plateau of Northwest America, pp. 183-196. Calgary.
1973 The Pacific Northwest. Chapter 9 in The Development of North American Archaeology, pp. 250-285. New York: Doubleday.
1975 The Development of Historical Archaeology in the Pacific Northwest. Northwest Anthropological Research Notes, 9(1):6-19.
1977 The Scientist Looks at the Sasquatch, edited with Grover Krantz. Moscow: University of Idaho Press. Reprinted with additions 1985.
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1983 Tile Bead Manufacturing. In Proceedings of the 1982 Glass Bead Conference, pp. 167-172. Rochester Museum & Science Center, Research Records, No. 16. Rochester.
1985 Glass Trade Beads: A Progress Report. Historical Archaeology, 19(2):87-105. Reprinted in 1991 in Approaches to Material Culture Research for Historical Archaeology, SHA.
1987 Plateau Shamanism and Marcus Whitman. Idaho Yesterdays, 31(1-2):55-56. Boise.
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1990 Observations on Problems in Researching the Contemporary Glass Bead Industry of Northern China; with An Jiayao. Beads, 2:5-13. Ottawa.
1993 American Indian Burial and Repatriation in the Southern Plateau with Special Reference to Northern Idaho. Idaho Archaeologist, 16(2):3-13.
1994 Bead Typology: The Development of a Concept. In Pioneers in Historical Archaeology, Breaking New Ground, Stanley South, Editor, pp. 85-100. New York: Plenum Press.
1998 The Literature and Locations of the Phoenix Button. Historical Archaeology, 32(2).

VII. Summary (including above)

Papers Read at Meetings: